A civilized and friendly Sapa

It is a friendly Sapa Vietnam with a way of attracting tourists with services that are increasingly gaining the sympathy of tourists

It is a friendly Sapa Vietnam with a way of attracting tourists with services that are increasingly gaining the sympathy of tourists from all over the world. The story of H’mong children pulling and stalking tourists is no longer a pressing issue as the press reflected in previous years. Instead, on the streets of the town, the shops are arranged and decorated quite well. Souvenir sellers in markets and neighborhoods wear their own traditional costumes, visitors can ask to take pictures together, chat without necessarily buying things. Food streets and night markets are always crowded, but it is rare for tourists to complain about losing this and that.

We asked about a foreign tourist…

We asked about a foreign tourist, Mr. Andrew from France, Mr. Andrew said: This is the second time he has come to Sapa, his impression on his return to Sapa Vietnam is different from the first time. The night market is more crowded, there are many delicious dishes, especially grilled dishes. The price is no longer a matter of shouting at Western customers, in the shopping and tourist areas, the phenomenon of clinging to ask customers to buy souvenirs is completely absent. Every day, at the town center market, food court and route, the loudspeaker system broadcasts messages calling for “for a civilized and friendly Sapa tourism”, in which the role of people’s awareness of joining hands to build tourism culture.The people have been making changes in this regard.Besides, those who work in urban security and order also regularly check, Reminders to avoid “unbeautiful” phenomena arising.

Another attraction…

Another attraction that also comes from Sapa tourism is the accommodation conditions, the prices are very reasonable compared to other tourist destinations in the country. Hotels and motels are located very close to entertainment and sightseeing spots. Just walking a few steps, visitors can reach the church or the courtyard where community cultural activities take place, flower garden, market and tourist area of Ham Rong Mountain… Visitors can choose rooms. Good at the center with prices ranging from 200 – 350,000 VND / day and night with the condition that you have to book in advance because Sapa often burns rooms.

Sapa Vietnam attracts tourists in all 4 seasons of the year, being likened to the 2nd Da Lat with its characteristic weather, extremely poetic and beautiful scenery. Why don’t you try going to “the place where heaven and earth meet” with the magical and haunting lyrics “Sapa legendary tilt, the sun rises from your cheek…”, conquer the roof of Indochina and have experiences Great experience and discovery about a top tourist destination chosen by tourists

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