A day in Tho Ha ancient village – Feel the warmth of human love

Walking on the herringbone path when coming to Tho Ha ancient village, visitors will often encounter friendly smiles from the people here, which makes visitors feel the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Tho Ha people and make their trip as comfortable as at home.

Visiting the rice paper factory is very attractive to tourists. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to admire or participate in the process of making rice paper rolls. And the people here always welcome you with joy and enthusiasm.

Tho Ha ancient village has a rich culture, always waiting for visitors to come and explore. If you want to feel an ancient Tho Ha, you should come to the temple, the village gate, the lively conversation of the people, the enthusiastic activities of making rice paper rolls, all creating a very unique rhythm of life. for the countryside.

Or visitors can still find the features of  Tho Ha ancient village through many small alleys, where the walls are made of crockery or the old houses. Many generations living in the old houses are the keepers and preservers of the historical and cultural values ​​of Tho Ha. In addition, visitors can also immerse themselves in the ancient atmosphere in Tho Ha when visiting the Temple of Literature, which worships Confucius and the successful people of the village.

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