A historic river near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

According to history books, Sao Khe River near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is the place where Dinh Bo Linh sent off to defeat 12 warlords and unify the country

According to history books, Sao Khe River near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is the place where Dinh Bo Linh sent off to defeat 12 warlords and unify the country into one. The river witnessed Dinh Bo Linh ascend to the throne as Emperor, giving birth to Dai Co Viet, establishing the first centralized feudal regime of the State of Vietnam. The river is also the place to bring and welcome Le Dai Hanh and the officials of the Early Le Dynasty who defeated the Song army.

And, the river was also the place to send off Ly Cong Uan (the first King of the Ly Dynasty), along with the Ly dynasty’s military officers, who left the capital to Thang Long to establish a new capital, expanding the territory and making our country become a nation. powerful country like today… It can be said that Sao Khe is a river that carries a great responsibility, associated with the ups and downs of the nation’s historical events. On both sides of Sao Khe river, near Hoa Lu citadel, there are many relics of the ancient capital Trang An region: Yen Thuong bridge, Lien Hoa cave, Den bridge, Dinh – Le temple, Luon cave, etc. The group of boats glides on.

River, the river surface is flat

River, the river surface is flat, winding and soft like a silk strip. On both sides of the river are mountains and mountains, mountains lined up in front, mountains surrounding the back, limestone mountains standing up, majestic and majestic; The dark green luxuriant trees enhance the dark, majestic appearance of the river. At the foot of the mountain, in the valleys, moss-roofed tiled houses appear hidden among the trees, sometimes from a distance, sometimes from near, looking like the estates of honest mandarins in the past who came to live in hiding.

The wild and lyrical scenery captivates the hearts of tourists! Songs praising the beautiful scenery, love for the homeland, love for the country resounded from the cruise ships. Each person reminded the other of a song they had not yet memorized, then passed it on to each other to sing together, having fun like a festival. The soft sun gradually rose, lifting the spring sky to vast blue, the light shining down on the cheerful faces; There was no longer any distance, unfamiliar people from all four directions suddenly came closer together, heading towards the origin of the beloved Ancient Capital near Tam Coc Ninh Binh.

The tour guide always pointed to one side and the other

The tour guide always pointed to one side and the other, guiding us to see the scenery on both sides of the river. Historical relics, names of mountains, fields that have gone down in legends, etc. Right next to the river’s edge, from a mountain, protruding a small mountain is as high as the main mountain, shaped like a mountain. a mandarin wearing an official hat in the past, called the mountain: Quan Trang; Opposite the other bank of the river is a mountain, with stacked stones shaped like books, called the mountain: Book Box.

I don’t know why, among the people, there is a thrilling story, it is said: Once upon a time, the kings and mandarins of the North, looking down to the South, our Dai Viet country, they saw a mandarin sitting on the mountain. high, his heart was filled with anger and fear, so he immediately sent troops to destroy the mountain. The group of people aggressively approached, carrying ropes and ropes tied to “Mr. Quan Trang’s neck”; Noodling… determined to attract all the way to the end. However, the mountain did not fall, but the rope broke, causing those people to tumble and fall, flying in all directions. Our people stood and watched, enjoying the fun and laughing like crazy…

Therefore, there are names: Ngo valley, Nga valley, Thung Chao valley, Nac Ne valley, Ao Rach valley, etc. Whether it is a legend or a myth, Or whatever it is, I still see this as a story full of pride and self-respect of the Nation. And one thing that proves it is that the names of mountains and valleys still exist today near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

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