About Giang Ta Chai

Giang Ta Chai village in Ta Phin commune, Sapa Vietnam, has a trapezoidal shape located halfway up the mountain at an altitude of 1,400m. The village is surrounded by over 50 hectares of primeval forest, 30 hectares of regenerated forest with rich, diverse and rare species of flora and fauna.

In the village, there are Red Dao households living. Like many other mountainous people, they also cultivate and raise livestock. In addition, the Red Dao people also develop traditional crafts, which are: brocade embroidery, silver inlay, forging, jewelry making, knitting… From Hanoi, to reach Giang Ta Chai village, you go to Sapa town first. From Sapa Vietnam, you move another 13km to the northwest, you reach Giang Ta Chai. There are signposts here so you don’t have to worry too much about how to move.

Visitors should visit here in the ripe rice season from September to November every year. At this time, the autumn weather is very dry and clear. In addition, the period from December to March is also a beautiful time of Giang Ta Chai when the trees here bloom. Visiting and exploring Ta Chai village, visitors have the opportunity to witness the unique cultural features. uniqueness of the people in the mountainous region. These are the traditional wedding ceremonies, the New Year’s dance “Put Tong”, the dance ceremony and the love songs for the couple…

Not only being immersed in mountainous rituals, visitors also enjoy delicious dishes with strong mountain flavor. Especially salted pork, stream fish, sour bamboo shoots… Above all, this place also has a specialty of rice germ wine with a taste of drunken yeast, which is also one of the specialties that tourists often buy as gifts.

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