About the “girl” named Si Ma Cai

Each place has its own unique beauty that attracts visitors, where there is magnificent beauty, where it is gentle and loving, where there is a rustic and wild beauty. Among them is Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, a name that sounds strange but has a special beauty of the rustic and wild.

Few of us know the existence of a district in the northern border region and Si Ma Cai as a strange and familiar name of Lao Cai. The name Si Ma Cai is strange and behind that strangeness is a story, told by everyone here that Sapa Vietnam and Si Ma Cai are twin sisters who were both born and raised in the Northwest mountains. Yet with 2 different fates

It seems that every Vietnamese knows Sapa – the roof of Indochina where the idyllic beauty of the people, the grandeur of nature, but does anyone know Si Ma Cai? Si Ma Cai is a northern border district near Sapa Vietnam, about 95 km from Lao Cai city and less than 10 km from Bac Ha town. Si Ma Cai is still wild and undeveloped, but there are extremely magical beauties that make backpackers come here to work hard to find the dreamland.

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