An extremely romantic scene in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam he had just experienced, what if they asked to change their tickets to stay another night?

After walking around Sapa‘s central square, Lu Phong returned to Muong Hoa street to return to the hotel. Crossing the street with few houses on both sides, Lu Phong suddenly saw the sun starting to sprinkle gold on the slopes of the mountain range in Cat Cat village Sapa Vietnam. The silhouettes of the mountains and the buildings above, along with the new day’s sunlight shining on the mountainside in the distance, create beautiful contrasts. Lu Phong could not continue walking, he stopped to admire the scenery and breathe a lot of fresh air that was about to be replaced by dust and smoke.

When Lu Phong returned to the hotel

When Lu Phong returned to the hotel, all of his accomplices were still lying still under warm blankets. He took his camera out again, he had to see the valley of Cat Cat village and Muong Hoa valley in the morning sunlight. How could he waste that by sitting in a hotel waiting for his accomplices to get out of bed? Lu Phong easily found the way down to the homestay areas H’ Mong Garden, Mintu Home, Valley View Homestay at the upper edge overlooking Cat Cat valley and Muong Hoa valley Sapa Vietnam.

The golden sunlight is like pouring honey onto the mountainside. So beautiful. The homestays are still not awake yet, the space is quiet in the dawn light. Lu Phong stopped at a viewing position in the yard of H’Mong Garden Homestay, sat alone on a chair sawed from a small tree, quietly admiring the scenery and taking photos. Admiring and taking pictures in silence, Lu Phong then left the homestay area and turned to Violet Street to return.

On an empty lawn in front of Pao Sapa Leisure Hotel, in the twilight of the first rays of sunlight, Lu Phong suddenly saw a young couple taking photos of each other – an extremely romantic scene. Lu Phong returned to the hotel, his accomplices had all woken up, waiting for him to come back to have breakfast and continue hanging out. They kept asking him, why do you get up so early and wander around? Lu Phong just smiled and did not answer, because he was afraid that if he told them what a strange Sapa Vietnam he had just experienced, what if they asked to change their tickets to stay another night?

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