Ancient house in Tho Ha pottery village

Tho Ha ancient village still retains more than a dozen old houses deep in mossy alleys, typically of the Trinh Dac, Trinh Quang, Nguyen Dinh, and Cap families. Every house has its own features, not only beautiful in ancient architecture but also in memorabilia, family traditions handed down through generations.

Mr. Trinh Dac Mui in hamlet 4 of Tho Ha ancient village, the 8th generation owner of a nearly 300-year-old house, is one of the oldest, with the most horizontal typographic architecture, including 7 compartments, with 5 outer houses and 2 inner rooms. . The heart of the house is 7.5m wide and 17.5m long. The roof is built with a birch, roofed with tiled nose, and the roof bank has soft lemon flower strips. The ironwood frame is still solid. The main column, the military column turns black in time. The structures are embossed with flowers, leaves, clouds, swords… The goosenecks are in the architectural style of the Le Dynasty. In the house, there are 3 altars arranged, in the middle to worship the Gia Tien, next to the saint and in the same place to worship the Buddha. On the outside, the porches are propped up by worn polished green stones. The two sides of the gable are a pair of large jars, a product of Tho Ha pottery before used to store rice, now to decorate…

Mr. Cap Trong Duong’s house in hamlet 2, Tho Ha ancient village, is over 200 years old, the roof tile has darkened, the ground is still the same as before, the large wooden pillars stand firmly as the test of time. After 7 generations, the house is still quite intact, not much repair. In the house there are incense burners, altars, incense burners, diaphragms, couplets… especially a wooden calligraphy inlaid with ivory white shells on a very beautiful glossy black wood background, under an ancient altar. In the form of kneeling fish, above is a wooden altar with delicately carved curtains…

In addition, the owners of Tho Ha ancient houses not only preserve the unique architecture left by their ancestors, but also preserve the family style. They teach their children and grandchildren the good things of traditional rites, absorb new and appropriate things to make life richer and fuller.

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