Ancient village mark

Despite experiencing many ups and downs of history along with many changes, Tho Ha ancient village still retains the ancient traces of a typical ancient village in the North. Ancient vestiges are not only known through stories told in the memories of the elderly, but also exist through old houses, old communal house and the reputation of tenacious people.

The highlight of the picture of Tho Ha ancient village is hundred- -year-old houses that have not been erased by time. The old houses have pure Vietnamese architecture with features from the pavilion structure, the roof to the old houses, carvings. All exude a simple but very delicate country spirit.

The attractive value of Tho Ha ancient village is the ancient architectural works such as communal house, pagodas or a quiet spiritual shrine under the ancient banyan tree, Van Chi, and ancestor worship houses with a hundred years old age.

Entering Tho Ha ancient village, you can see that the quintessential soul of an ancient village that is still intact for hundreds of years: from the simple and peaceful houses, to the dear and bustling countryside market.

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