Ancient well in Tho Ha

Along with the banyan tree, communal house, riverside, Tho Ha ancient well has contributed to paint a typical picture of the village. In addition to the unique cultural values, Tho Ha village wells represent a source of life, a bridge between heaven, earth and people, still being preserved and used by people in many localities in daily life.

According to the concept of Tho Ha people, the well symbolizes the abundance, fullness and vitality of the villagers. In Tho Ha, there are still vestiges of ancient wells that people are still using for life, in which, many wells have seals up to hundreds of years old.

As a place of domestic water supply, Tho Ha village well is considered a “treasure” of the people. Village wells are located near the road, where there is an abundant water source, which never runs out to ensure the water supply, convenient for people to use, and at the same time express the desire: where the origin of life always grows, flourishing, full of abundance, constantly developing.

It is because of that preciousness that Tho Ha village well was built quite solidly and firmly. In particular, from the bottom of the well up to the wall of the well is lined with laterite, cobblestone, … creating a solid position for the well wall that has not been subsided for hundreds of years. Laterite also contributes to filtering water from the source, making the water clearer and sweeter.

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