Artists in Phuc Loc craft village

Coming to Phuc Loc carpentry village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, many people will surely know artisan Pham Van B

Coming to Phuc Loc carpentry village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, many people will surely know artisan Pham Van Be – a talented old house restoration artist in Ninh Binh. Artist Pham Van Be was born in 1948, in Phuc Loc village, Ninh Phong ward, Ninh Binh city, an ancient village in the North which is famous for carpentry with a history dating back to the Dinh – Le dynasties. Therefore, the sound of saws and chisels penetrated into Mr. Be’s mind from an early age, and carpentry tools: chisels, planers, carvings… were considered by Mr. Be as close friends, when one day of school was left. carpentry workshop.

From father to son,…

From father to son, after years of hard work and accumulation of experience, in 2007, Mr. Be founded Phuc Luu private enterprise. Like other establishments in the village, Phuc Luu enterprise also produces traditional wooden products of Phuc Loc village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, which are household furniture and wooden furniture for worship. However, in the fiercely competitive market mechanism, at times, Phuc Loc craft villages in general, including Phuc Luu enterprises, faced many difficulties. The requirement to improve technology and diversify products to meet consumer tastes is more urgent than ever, so Mr. Be and his three sons have tried their best to research and research the market. Along the way, Mr. Be has found a “niche market” that has a lot of demand but very few workers. It is to restore old houses and build old houses.

Many old houses…

Many old houses have been successfully restored by him, with good reputation from far away, customers from many localities across the country such as Hung Yen, Thai Binh, Ha Nam, Thanh Hoa… have come to his workshop to order houses near . in the old way. Those are very sophisticated works, with large production costs, workers need to put their whole heart into being able to complete them satisfactorily. With his efforts in productive labor, in 2015, Mr. Pham Van Be was honored to be awarded the title of handicrafts artist by the People’s Committee of Ninh Binh province, a noble reward for those who have made many contributions to the conservation of goods, preserve and develop traditional carpentry of the locality.

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