Autobiography by the Cau River

This time we returned to Tho Ha ancient village in the sunshine of a late autumn day, when the wind was softening on each old mossy wall.

The dark brown tile roofs looming behind the trees look attractive. Along the spacious and clean tiled village road running along the river, each step seemed to bring us nostalgia for an old dream. No noise, no busy, Tho Ha ancient village is peaceful after thousands of leaves, after clear and sweet birdsong; pure as a glittering morning with no entanglements. And all is just a passion spreading intensely, holding us away in the mists of autumn.

That hundred-year-old village now still exudes the ancient features behind the ancient banyan trees, behind the lovely riverbanks with the moonlit nights. Now it has also reduced the wild look of reeds, and the old houses are still witnesses to many ups and downs of a person’s life.

Here, the Cau River seems to want to slow down to hold on to the past, like a desire to reflect all the green color of the tall bamboo rows. And the gentle river goes through the village and keeps so many memories.

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