Autumn in the old village

From the capital, leaving about 50 km, visitors will admire the extremely romantic autumn scenery in Tho Ha ancient village. Tho Ha ancient village is considered to be the first in the “Four great villages” of Kinh Bac because it preserves many unique cultural features of the Northern countryside.

Going back to Tho Ha ancient village is to return to the traditional rural cultural space of the Vietnamese people, with rustic tile-roofed houses, bustling communal house at festivals, scenes of farmers drying rice paper in the early morning. When autumn comes, the golden sunshine spreads across the village roads, alleys, on the ancient mossy walls, making Tho Ha ancient village even more romantic.

Coming to Tho Ha ancient village, you will not be able to ignore the old houses, which are hundreds of years old with many traditional architectural values. Many old houses are built with pieces of pottery, from the entrance gate, the walls are tinged with time. The characteristic of these houses is that they are always warm in winter and cool in summer.

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