Awaken tourism potential in Tho Ha ancient village

Tho Ha village is one of the typical and famous ancient villages in the Northern Delta, which still preserves many unique traditional cultural values of Bac Giang province. The number of traditional cultural heritages in Tho Ha ancient village is very rich and unique, including tangible cultural heritages (communes, temples, pagodas, ancient houses, …) and intangible cultural heritages such as: Tuong, quan ho, festivals, rituals, ancestor worship, unique culinary dishes, traditional village knowledge experiences… All create a distinct cultural attraction.

Through those heritages, it is possible to exploit tourism development to serve the economic development of the locality. However, in the past time, the exploitation and promotion of the cultural heritage value of Tho Ha ancient village is still limited. In fact, experiencing ups and downs in history, ancient villages cannot avoid challenges and difficulties in preserving and promoting their values. For example, in the ancient village of Tho Ha, it is most noticeable today that the old houses in Tho Ha ancient village are seriously degraded; many hundred-year-old houses have also been replaced by modern high-rise buildings; brick roads slanted before the movement of concreting village roads; cramped living space, many inconveniences…

Back to the story of “awakening” the potential of tourism in the ancient villages on the outskirts of Hanoi. Many argue that, in order to become a tourist attraction or a complete tour, localities where ancient villages need to have regular connections with travel businesses. In particular, it is necessary to overcome the limitations as soon as possible, such as fragmented, unprofessional tourism propaganda and promotion, poor souvenirs, and no typical local products.


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