Back in time to Tho Ha ancient village

Located along the Cau River of Kinh Bac country, Tho Ha ancient village has an unbelievably simple beauty. Still a green bamboo village, winding brick roads, small alleys with poetic vines, still the village gate that has gone through many rainy and sunny seasons, an ancient well with turtle head and small houses built with a piece of pottery, but it seems that Tho Ha ancient village is the most peaceful. So that when we set foot in that space, we can clearly imagine the peaceful rhythm of life hundreds of years ago.

But Tho Ha ancient village also makes many people proud of the typical architecture of Vietnamese ancient villages: the village gate “high walls and deep moats”, houses, communal houses, and markets still retain their original appearance since hundreds of years ago.

The ancient houses of Tho Ha carry the thousand-year-old culture of the North. There we encounter the old architectural lines, characteristic of a village centuries ago. There we meet peaceful scenes, so that in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, we want to return to live in the quiet, peaceful space of Tho Ha land and people.

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