Be amazed by a very strange Sapa Vietnam

The image of bustling Sapa Vietnam, sparkling with bright lights at night, must be familiar to tourists who have come to this beautiful town

The image of bustling Sapa Vietnam, sparkling with bright lights at night, must be familiar to tourists who have come to this beautiful town. But there is another Sapa, very ordinary, peaceful and quiet in the early mornings, my friends. Surely most people who love to travel have been to, or at least “traveled through the small screen” to this famous tourist destination of the Northwest region. Even though Lu Phong is far away in the South, he has been there many times. However, like most tourists, in the past he had only been able to “see” the bustling tourists at night, or when the new day had long “been in motion”.

Lu Phong always cherishes the feeling of the early morning, when the new day has just begun, when the majority of tourists – those who create the nightlife bustle of the mountain town – are still sleeping soundly. warm blanket. At the end of October, Lu Phong and a group of friends from Saigon invited each other out to enjoy the first cold of the season in the Northwest highlands. Like previous times, people took the cable car to the top of Fansipan to admire the scenery, checked in to the roof of Indochina, went down to Cat Cat village to play… and strolled around the city in the evening.

But this time, he intentionally “stalked” while he was still sleepy

But this time, he intentionally “stalked” while he was still sleepy, so even though the Saturday night was extremely noisy and bustling with many cultural and artistic activities for tourism, Lu Phong still separated from his group of friends. Return to the hotel to rest early. At 5:30 a.m., Lu Phong had to grit his teeth several times before he could throw off the blanket and leave the warm bed to prepare to go to the street. The late October morning was quite cold, especially for people living in the warm South. He clicked his tongue, “No wonder I always come out when the sun is high.” But this time it must be different. From the hotel near the town cemetery area, on Muong Hoa street,

Lu Phong slowly walked up the long slope toward the town center. The whole Sapa Vietnam still seemed to be sleeping, the cold air on the street made Lu Phong curl up in a thick coat. The area where Lu Phong hotel is located is relatively sparse in terms of construction density, so it feels even colder, and sometimes there is a thin mist blown by the wind through the empty spaces. Restaurants, hotels, and large and small motels on both sides of the road are closed. Only the lights from signs or wall lamps outside cafes or restaurants radiate a soft yellow light in the early morning. Sapa at this time is extremely quiet and peaceful – completely different from just a few hours before. Lu Phong walked leisurely up the slope, when he suddenly heard light and fast footsteps behind him.

Soon, an elderly H’Mong woman trudged past him

Soon, an elderly H’Mong woman trudged past him, and a few moments later, several children and a young man also silently strode past Lu Phong. Lu Phong took a deep breath of the fresh and cool air of Sapa and let himself go – a Sapa he had never seen before. He walked alone on a deserted street, between the two sides were densely packed restaurants, hotels, and cafes that were still sleeping. As he got closer to the center, as the sky gradually brightened, past the curve at Charm Hotel, he met a female cleaner who was diligently sweeping trash on the street, but she was also very gentle with her broom so as not to make a sound. strong movement.

Lu Phong gradually entered the center

Lu Phong gradually entered the center. At this time, more shops on both sides of the street began to open. Breakfast vendors sat scattered on both sides of the sidewalk. Although there were people on the street, they were all locals, with very few tourists. Sapa Vietnam is still very quiet and fresh – perhaps this is the most ordinary moment of life that few tourists from far away get to experience. When Lu Phong arrived at the central square, it was about 6:10 a.m. Different from last night’s scene, the square was empty and there were no people.

On the sidewalk around the square, the ethnic minorities who were already present were huddled together talking or adjusting the children’s costumes. At this time, Lu Phong began to see the silhouettes of a few tourists in front of the stone church. They were also taking advantage of the quiet time to adjust, admire, and take matching photos with this famous church. The morning light was glimmering through the trees behind the church. The sky is clear blue, with a few thin white clouds, signaling a beautiful sunny Sunday.

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