Beautifully engrossed in azalea colors at Fansipan Legend

Azalea Flower Festival at Fansipan Legend in Sapa Vietnam will be the destination for you. should miss.

April is the time when azaleas are the most passionate and brilliant of the year. If you have a special love for this flower and want to see the fresh, pristine colors of azaleas blooming in the golden sunshine of the great thousand, the Azalea Flower Festival at Fansipan Legend in Sapa Vietnam will be the destination for you. should miss. These days, Fansipan Legend tourist area bursts with new life with the bright pink and colorful rhododendron space. Azalea flowers cover, spread throughout the tourist area from the welcome gate, to the departure station, the arrival station, the top of Fansipan.

Arriving at Fansipan Legend,…

Arriving at Fansipan Legend, visitors seem to be lost in the “kingdom” of all kinds of rhododendrons. Wild flowers, planted nursery flowers, all blend to create a charming flower picture. More than 2,000 rhododendrons from different places gather in the festival space. This is also the effort of Fansipan Legend to honor and spread the beauty of the typical flower in Hoang Lien mountains and forests in Sapa Vietnam. At the cable car station, there are hundred-year-old rhododendrons on display.

And to bring the precious rhododendrons on this peak is a feat of the tourist area. On the way to the top of Fansipan, tourists will be excited and surprised by the proud beauty of forest rhododendrons. The rhododendrons over 300 years old are cherished, cared for, and labeled with name plates. Fansipan mountain peak is 3,143m high, where the Quang Tru azalea tree – a Vietnamese heritage tree, is glowing red, as brilliant as the national flag.

Returning from the roof of majestic Indochina in Sapa Vietnam, tourists can immerse themselves in the cultural space of the Northwest characterized by familiar games of the people in the highlands such as swinging, throwing, walking on stilts, climbing poles, etc. Blindfolded to beat drums, dance stalls, walk on a bridge, etc. Foreign tourists are fascinated when they discover the idyllic but novel spiritual and cultural life of the people of the Northwest. After the journey to discover the “rhododendron kingdom”, tourists choose to buy themselves souvenirs to keep memories of a meaningful trip.

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