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Lu Than near Sapa Vietnam is 100% Hmong Hoa. In the past, people's livelihoods depended mainly on agriculture, with the main

Lu Than near Sapa Vietnam is 100% Hmong Hoa. In the past, people’s livelihoods depended mainly on agriculture, with the main occupations being maize cultivation and cattle rearing. Therefore, people’s lives are still difficult. Before the “fever” of buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang, in the second half of 2014, the Mong people in Lu Than commune planted a large area of buckwheat flowers for tourism. Planting buckwheat flowers in Si Ma Cai has just developed, but it is suitable for the climate and soil, so the flowers grow well, the flowers are pink, the stems are fat, and the flowers are long-lasting. Thanks to that, thousands of visitors came to Lu Than to visit. Especially, since the Party Committee and local authorities encouraged people to plant more spring and summer crops, which are considered off-season to attract tourists, the number of people coming to Lu Than increasing.

With the advantage of traffic,…

With the advantage of traffic, guests from nearby tourist attractions such as Sapa Vietnam, Fansipan peak, Bac Ha, Lao Cai border gate, Sin Cheng and Can Cau market can easily access the buckwheat field. Cars have reached the foothills of buckwheat flowers. This has brought economic success and tourism promotion for Lao Cai in general and for Si Ma Cai area in particular. The parts of the buckwheat plant are very useful to the life of the Mong people. In addition, the wine extracted from buckwheat seeds is a harmony between the pungent taste of rice wine and the sweetness of can wine of the Northwest, making it impossible for anyone who has drunk it to forget and just want to drink more.

Tourists can freely…

Tourists can freely visit and take pictures in the giant buckwheat flower fields for 20,000 VND/person. If you want to become a girl in the mountainous region in a lovely Hmong costume and dance to take pictures, then another 20,000 VND/person/set. Some gardens also have flowers ready to be picked, forming a head ring for the girls to pose with this flower. In addition, if guests want to take a motorbike taxi to visit all the flower fields here, there is a team of motorbike taxis waiting for service.

Cakes made from flour and buckwheat seeds are also sold at the edge of the flower field for 10,000 VND / piece so that visitors can enjoy the taste of this sweet flower. Goodbye Lu Than near Sapa Vietnam, my heart is still lingering with the fields of purple and pink buckwheat flowers, I still think I am immersed in the space of a lovely strange land, the winding passes are shrouded in fog. covered, colorful floral dresses… I hope that the buckwheat triangle in each season will be more colorful so that Lu Than is no longer a commune with difficult commutes and the life of the Mong people becomes more and more prosperous.

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