Black Chung Cake – A proud gift of Sapa people

Black rice cake has become a very familiar dish for the highlanders of Sapa Vietnam because of its cultural beauty.

Black rice cake has become a very familiar dish for the highlanders of Sapa Vietnam because of its cultural beauty. It is the thanksgiving to heaven and earth for a year of favorable rain and wind; It is the reunion, sharing and love of each family after a hard year. Banh chung has existed since ancient times, associated with the formation of the Giay and Tay ethnic groups and often the work of women. However, about 5 years ago, this banh chung initially became a commodity product when it was sold to customers throughout the provinces.

Black Chung cake in Sapa Vietnam

Black Chung cake in Sapa Vietnam is quite rich and diverse. Banh chung is made quite sophisticated, the ingredients must be carefully selected, including glutinous rice, green beans, pork, dong leaves, spices and especially there must be charcoal powder from rattlesnakes or sticky rice straw to make nuggets. The most important step is to make the cake black.

People choose the trees swaying in the forest, cut them to dry, burn them into charcoal and then pound them. Charcoal powder is mixed with glutinous rice, stirring by hand until the rice is mixed with charcoal powder into jet black; when using your hands to rub the rice grains, if the rice still retains its black color, it is satisfactory. Banh chung of the Tay and Giay ethnic groups is usually a humpback, or long, cake, when eaten, it will make a piece of cake and easily cut into pieces, very delicious and beautiful.

Boiling time for Banh Chung is 10 to 12 hours. The cake is soft and chewy, with a yellow filling that nourishes the bean color, fragrant with the smell of dong leaves, fatty meat, pepper and the special aroma of the rattlesnake. When enjoying, they take the rice fiber itself and wrap it around the body of the cake to cut it into slices. Banh chung is a longer shelf life and when eaten, it is not hot and full of stomach compared to other banh chung, can be kept for 7 to 10 days in winter conditions and 3-5 days in summer conditions. . Black rice cake has now become a popular dish that anyone coming to the tourist areas of Sapa Vietnam wants to buy as gifts for relatives, friends or enjoy right away.

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