Black Hmong leggings

The Leggings" also known as "Two Legs" in the Black H'mong language in Sapa Vietnam is "Quav Cum". In addition to the main outfit,

“The Leggings” also known as “Two Legs” in the Black H’mong language in Sapa Vietnam is “Quav Cum”. In addition to the main outfit, below the pants or skirt are two black cloths wrapped in layers at the calves. It is an indispensable part of the costume of the Black H’mong ethnic group in Sapa Vietnam. As everyone knows, the Black H’mong people in Sa Pa always use black as the main color in their costumes, so the leggings here are also made from black cloth to match the outfit.

In the past, leggings were made from black cotton fabric, but today they have replaced it with black velvet fabric, which is cut into a triangle about 1 meter to 1 and a half meters long and the width depends on the length of the calf. . So for women with smaller legs, they will choose longer leggings to wrap their legs bigger. In addition, the end of the cloth will be connected with a woven or brocade rope with embroidered patterns to tie the leggings.

To wrap the leggings on the legs,…

To wrap the leggings on the legs, it also requires skillful and meticulous hands to wrap the fabric layers evenly and neatly. When wrapping leggings, use the wider part of the leggings to press against the front calves, then wrap it around and secure half of the fabric at the top. Then wrap it slightly diagonally up to the knee, the back edge of the fabric slightly overlaps the front edge of the fabric. When the fabric runs out, wrap the woven brocade rope to tie it back to keep the leggings from slipping off.

Today, based on the traditional style as well as the cultural interference between different ethnic groups in Sapa Vietnam, they also like to use leggings in a modern style such as: made with many fabrics, embroidered with patterns. and attach iridescent beads on the edge of the fabric to create a more prominent beauty for the leggings, However, for myself, I still prefer to use traditional black leggings because when wrapped, it is light. also more comfortable in walking.

Thereby, you can see that the leggings of the Black Hmong woman in Sa Pa have both contributed to beautify the outfit, making the outfit more neat, neat and discreet. Especially exalting the beauty of the legs of the Black Hmong woman in Sapa. So if everyone has the opportunity to go to Sapa Vietnam, don’t forget to experience 1 time trying on black Hmong leggings to feel the beauty and warmth of this leggings.

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