Burning incense on the 1st and the full moon day in Tho Ha ancient village

According to Tho Ha ancient village, the first day and the full moon day are the times when “Heaven and Earth open”. That is, the day people and heaven and earth become as one unified, earthly people will touch and connect with spirits and gods. Burning incense on these two days, the ancestors will feel the hearts of their children and grandchildren, and the gods will clearly listen to the wishes of the earthly people. For Buddhism, the Soc and Vong days are auspicious days for burning incense and chanting. On this day, Buddhists will pray for peace (may their family be peaceful, healthy, and lucky), pray for sucess (hope for the souls to escape, not be entangled in the world) or repent (repent for their sins). mistake).

Each family in Tho Ha ancient village will have a different way of preparing offerings for the full moon, the 1st of the month. Usually on the altar there will be fruits, betel nut and areca, votive, confectionery, incense

For Tho Ha ancient village people, the procedure of burning incense helps people feel lighter, more peaceful, and regains balance when facing a lot of pressure in work and life every day.

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