Cave exploration

Passing Vai Gioi cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh , the boat continues to the caves: Ong But, Mermaid, Aquarium, Ba Co to reach Thung Nham

To get to the bird garden, visitors can take a boat from Thach Bich wharf, through Thung Nang and Thung Nham. The summer sky is bright and sunny, amidst the vast waves and trees, the space is filled with the green of grass and trees, underneath the cool, clear water is green dogtail algae. Every time the boat weaves through the cave, it feels like being lost in another world, cool and refreshing. Boatmen still jokingly say that the “specialty” of Tam Coc Ninh Binh is the cross-water caves, and on every trip the boat takes them through the caves. If you follow the cave route, the boat will take you to the first point, Vai Gioi cave, also known as the Altar of Heaven. From the foot of the mountain, climb up 439 stone steps to reach the cave entrance.

Vai Gioi Cave is about 500m2 wide

Vai Gioi Cave is about 500m2 wide, with three floors: Hell floor, Earth floor and Heaven floor. The Hell floor is a world of stalactites of all shapes, the Earth floor is flatter and connected to the Heaven floor by artificial stairs. The Heavenly Floor is located at the highest point, standing from the cave entrance you can see a vast space with the sky and mountains in the distance.

Passing Vai Gioi cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh , the boat continues to the caves: Ong But, Mermaid, Aquarium, Ba Co to reach Thung Nham bird garden. Going into the cave, the sparkling light of the water reflects the light from the cave entrance, and the stalactites appear shimmering and lively. The ceiling of the cave is very low, sometimes both visitors and boatmen have to lower their heads to avoid touching the stalactites. The deeper you go into the cave, the darker it gets. The boatman turns on the flashlight to guide you through the wonderful things that nature has created in this land.

The stalactites hang down

The stalactites hang down in many different shapes, depending on the folk imagination, people call them “turtle’s beak”, “butter”, “fairy”… The scenery on the way to the bird valley changes according to season. Spring blooms with wildflowers, summer has the yellow color of ripe rice, autumn has the purple color of water lilies, and wild reeds also bloom throughout the fall and winter. Occasionally, amidst the sound of oars in the water, the sound of birds calling and fish jumping into the dam is heard. In the open fields on the way to the valley, there were glimpses of quiet, peaceful people’s houses.

The ferryman anchored the boat so we could have time to admire the beautiful scenery and take pictures. This place is very suitable for those who want to rest, relax and enjoy nature or “slowly live” in a quiet, pleasant space. Exploring Thung Nham Bird Park near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is an exciting travel journey to immerse yourself in nature, rivers, and enjoy the wild, rustic but extremely interesting beauty that nature has bestowed on this place.

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