Co Ba Temple Phu Nhuan Bao Thang

Co Ba Temple is located in Lang Den village, Phu Nhuan commune near Sapa Vietnam. The temple worships a figure in the Mother Goddess religion in Vietnam, the temple has existed for hundreds of years.

People in Phu Nhuan commune still have a legend about Lady Ba. It is said that in this land in the past, there was a beautiful princess who used to help good people. She is very good at rivers, so she often teaches people in the area how to navigate the river and catch fish, so she is loved and respected by the people. After the princess died, the people of this area set up a temple to worship.

The temple is located on a high hill, with its back leaning against the mountain, the door facing Nhu stream near Sapa Vietnam. The charming location of the mountain makes the temple like a sacred torch that radiates light over the village, keeping peace and excitement for a large area.

Since then, Co Ba temple…

Since then, Co Ba temple has become an important cultural and spiritual place, associated with the religious life of the people of Phu Nhuan commune and neighboring localities. . Every year, on the occasion of February and especially the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, the people of Phu Nhuan commune come back to attend the Co Ba Temple Festival, worship and offer incense to pray for peace.

Experiencing the ups and downs of history, the ancient architecture of the temple is not much. Walls and roofs have been replaced with modern materials, losing the inherent ancient beauty. However, with great historical and cultural values.

Co Ba temple was decided by the Provincial People’s Committee to be recognized as a provincial historical and cultural relic in August 2018. Co Ba temple will be planned to preserve and promote the value of cultural heritage associated with tourism development; traditional education and meet the religious activities of the people of Phu Nhuan commune near Sapa Vietnam and tourists from all over the world..

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