Crab noodle cakes in Vietnamese cuisine

Crab noodle cakes is a rustic but familiar dish of the people of Hai Phong port. A delicious and attractive bowl of crab noodle cake in Vietnamese cuisine must have all 5 colors: pink brown color of crab bricks, dark brown rice paper color, green color of spinach, water spinach, green onions, bright red in chili and yellow. sprouts of dried onions

Now a lot of places sell crab noodle cakes, but if you eat Hai Phong Crab noodle cakes in Vietnamese cuisine, you will feel different. Maybe it’s “hometown flavor” but it is a fact that if only red rice paper and crab are available, it is not possible to create the flavor of Hai Phong crab rice paper because it also uses some typical secrets in Vietnamese cuisine including : the secret of making red rice paper and the secret of cooking rice paper soup.

Crab noodle cakes are sold everywhere in Hai Phong, however, delicious shops only sell 1 session: morning, afternoon or night, maybe it is a way to keep customers of the seller but make it difficult for customers from far away. It’s hard to find a good restaurant if you’re not familiar with Hai Phong.

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