Cuc Phuong tropical rain forest near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

From now on, Cuc Phuong has additional units coordinating to carry out the task of researching, preserving and developing Cuc Phuong.

This is also the first National Park in the country near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. From here, the organization of the leadership apparatus of Cuc Phuong National Park has been strengthened to implement the functions and tasks of a National Park, building a foundation. The material of the garden is promoted. The 38km route from Ria to Bong was built by soldiers, youth volunteers, and forestry workers; Of which, more than 20km goes under the canopy of the old forest into the upgraded and opened central area. Endemic tree species such as Dang, Crocodile, Vu Huong, Kim Giao, Thousand-year-old green cat… Bitter cave (Bat cave) – called Nguoi Xua cave, Con Moong cave, Trang Khuyet cave, May Bac peak (648m high) above sea level).

There are groups of precious wood trees such as

There are groups of precious wood trees such as: Ebony, Trai, Huyet Giac, Mountain Anise… The tree roots cling to rocks, endure harsh drought and cold but grow well and are widely advertised… Then tourists Visiting Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is increasingly crowded. At this time, close to Cuc Phuong, there is also the Ninh Binh State Forestry Enterprise whose mission is to provide seedlings for the movement of scattered tree planting and concentrated afforestation to green bare land and bare hills. In addition, Cuc Phuong Dong Forest Industrial Technical Intermediate School has over a thousand students, which is a huge pressure on the garden.

But Cuc Phuong’s workers and employees are still confident and excited. The entire unit unites to emulate work and achieve many excellent achievements. Cuc Phuong’s achievements over 60 years are worthy of pride, admiration and respect, and cannot be fully described in a limited article. We would like to highlight the unique, rare and charming endemic features of Cuc Phuong. In 1968, the Cuc Phuong Research Sub-Institute, directly under the Forestry Research Institute, was established. Mr. Nguyen Dac Cau, Head of the Forestry Department of Vinh Phu province, was appointed director of the Institute. From now on, Cuc Phuong has additional units coordinating to carry out the task of researching, preserving and developing Cuc Phuong.


Scientists of forestry, soil biochemistry, hydrometeorology, classification of flora and fauna, and medicinal plants were strengthened and began to comprehensively research Cuc Phuong in a methodical manner, affirming: CucPhuong National Park near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Phuong is a primeval evergreen tropical monsoon rain forest, reaching an optimal reasonable structure in terms of species, many levels, many species of precious wood trees 30 – 40m high with trunks that many people hug contentedly. This place also has many interesting epiphytes and parasitic woody vines. The forest stand has a fairly high wood reserve of over 600m3/ha.

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