Daejeon travel experience

Daejeon easily conquers thousands of tourists around the world because of its extremely modern beauty, and is considered a paradise for people who love researching and developing new technology.

Daejeon easily conquers thousands of tourists around the world because of its extremely modern beauty, and is considered a paradise for people who love researching and developing new technology. Besides, this place also owns many entertainment places with extremely beautiful natural scenery. Let’s explore Daejeon travel experiences with TBAOINFO in this article!

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Which season should you visit Daejeon Korea?

Daejeon weather in a year is divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Although Daejeon is beautiful in any season, the best season to travel here is summer from April to June.

At that time, the weather is cool and sunny, making it very convenient for tourists to visit and take photos to preserve moments here. In particular, summer is also the time when many traditional festivals and extremely fun and unique entertainment activities take place.

Besides, if tourists want to go to Daejeon in the snowy season, they should come between December and February. With an average low temperature of about -1 degrees Celsius, visitors can see snow showers throughout the season. winter.

Thanks to that, visitors will see a very strange Korea covered with white snow. Not only that, this is the right time for visitors to participate in snow adventure activities such as skiing, snowboarding,…

Means of transportation when traveling to Daejeon

Daejeon is one of the famous cities in Korea and this is also a place equipped with many modern means of transportation. When arriving in Daejeon, visitors can choose one of two types of transportation, which are:

Public transport
This type helps tourists save maximum costs as well as minimize time getting lost when looking for tourist destinations. If you want to choose public transportation, you can consider:

Bus: Suitable for travelers who want to travel short distances at extremely cheap costs.
Subway: Means of transport to help you move around Daejeon at an average cost. In particular, signs as well as subway routes are equipped everywhere, so visitors can find a more convenient route.

Private vehicles
This type of travel helps visitors have freedom in time, without having to change their schedule to suit the time the train or bus departs. However, the downside is that it is more expensive than public transportation. If you want to use personal vehicles, visitors can choose:

Taxi: Sitting in a taxi, you just need to tell the location and the driver will take you to the tourist area gate. However, visitors need to pay attention to the cost of using a taxi to get to the chosen location.
Rent a motorbike/personal car: If you feel that public transport is too limited and that hiring a taxi is quite expensive, you can try renting a motorbike or car to get around. With this method, the cost will be cheaper than using a taxi, and visitors can travel at any time they want.

Where to stay when traveling to Daejeon?

Daejeon is not a very big city but there are many places for tourists to choose to stay. You can choose from budget motels to luxury hotels to suit your personal needs.

If you have plenty of money, you can explore some famous hotels in Daejeon with a cost of about 500 – 1000 USD as follows:

LOTTE City Hotel Daejeon
Good Morning Residence Hue
Hotel Lacky Daejeon
Dunsan Graytone Hotel
The Empress Hotel

Explore cuisine when traveling to Daejeon

Daejeon is a city with local dishes made from unique products. Some dishes you cannot miss when coming here include:

Oh-ssi Kalguksu: This is knife-cut wheat noodles with surf clams and hand-pulled dough soup. The highlight is that the chef mixes the above ingredients into a traditional broth, creating a spicy but also very sweet and rich taste.

Jogijong-ui Hyangmigak: Spicy noodles served with cockles that have a smoked flavor when grilled over charcoal. In addition, the broth has a moderate spicy taste and the crispy noodles create an appetite for visitors.

Wangwan Sikdang: When ordering this meal, guests will be served bean sprouts, rice and a choice of meat such as steak tartare and seafood. In addition, the highlight is the special sauce that Daejeon people pour into the mixture of the above ingredients.

Gwangcheon Sikdang: This is stir-fried tofu served with slices of boiled pork. In it, tofu is sliced thinly and used to balance the spiciness of the sauce when dipping with pork.

Daejeon travel experience – Top outstanding destinations

Coming to Daejeon, visitors cannot miss the iconic places and the pride of the people here. Specifically, you should visit places suggested by Nowtadi such as:

Expo Park

Expo Park is home to the world’s largest movie theater. For Koreans, this place was built with the goal of honoring and enhancing Korean people’s understanding of the position and importance of science and technology to countries around the world.

When coming to this location, visitors will visit the National Science Museum of Korea, an exhibition center for new science and technology, along with many scientific works that you cannot see elsewhere. .

Korean Currency Museum

This museum is the first place to fully display all denominations as well as types of money that Korea has used from past to present. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the development of currency in the Land of Kimchi.

Setting foot in this museum, visitors will see 4 rooms, each room has a separate function. Which includes:

Room 1: Ancient coins from ancient times, from when Korea was first established.
Room 2: Artwork on display shows the process of producing paper money and coins in Korea.
Room 3: Show the method of distinguishing fake money from real money.
Room 4: Displays badges and postage stamps of Korea and many other countries.

Daecheongho Lake

Known as the third largest artificial lake in Korea, Daecheongho Lake was built to provide domestic water for people throughout Daejeon city. However, with its quiet beauty and fresh nature, this place has become a favorite destination for many Korean tourists in particular and around the world in general.

Coming to Daecheongho Lake, you can walk around the lake to admire the scenery, enjoy the breeze and exercise. In addition, you can choose to explore mountain climbing (trekking) to have the opportunity to see the panoramic view of Daecheongho Lake.

Sikjangsan Mountain

Surrounded by many valleys, Sikjangsan Mountain is a high, majestic mountain and home to countless species of wildlife. If you are afraid of heights, you can cycle around the foot of the mountain to see nature and animals at low visibility.

If you are an adventurous person, you can climb to the top to see a panoramic view of Daejeon city and take in the entire scene in your sight.

Yooseong Hot Springs

Yooseong Hot Spring is a place with 100% natural hot mineral water. The water has a lot of sodium, chlorine and minerals that are beneficial to health, so this is a place many tourists come to rest and relax after working days or periods of pressure, etc.

Besides, many indigenous people also see this as a place that can improve their health. After every working day, they and their relatives often come here to soak in hot water to relax and relieve pressure.

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