Emperor A Tuong’s Palace on the “white plateau”

Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, which are also some of the factors that help this building remain almost intact to this day.

Mr. Hoang Yen Chao (1883 – 1959) was a Tay. Although he is a Tay, people used to call him King Meo because in the past, the H’Mong (Meo people) accounted for nearly 70% of the entire region’s population. Mr. Hoang Yen Chao ruled this land  near Sapa Vietnam so he got the name of King Meo because of that. At that time, this land people planted quite a lot of addictive plants such as poppy (opium), a plant with white flowers. That’s why this land is called “white plateau”.

Mr. Hoang Yen Chao asked the geography teacher to choose the land and direction of the house together with two French and Chinese architects to design, this has made the mansion more special. The mansion in the center of Bac Ha district – near Sapa Vietnam was built in 7 years (1914 – 1921) and is the most prominent architectural block in the whole region. The whole house has a very special terrain, located on a large hill, the main direction is Southeast, four sides are mountains, in front there is a cool stream and a mountain “mother carries her child”.

Construction materials…

Construction materials for the entire mansion are made from expensive materials such as bricks and tiles manufactured on the spot from Chinese experts. Steel and cement are bought from below and used by plane to move up, and the doors are made from precious woods in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, which are also some of the factors that help this building remain almost intact to this day.

The main house is backed by two floors with an area of ​​over 400m², the main house is decorated with many elaborate motifs with arched door frames – a typical feature of European architecture. The two sides are two rows of outbuildings, the front is an extremely large courtyard, the four houses on the left and right sides of both floors are the common living areas of the family, the middle space is the meeting place. The two sides of the house are two horizontal rows of houses with the same layout, almost symmetrical. Each row has two floors, but lower than the main building, with each floor divided into 3 rooms: dining room, living room and bedroom of 3 wives of Mr. Hoang Yen Chao, 2 of Mr Hoang A Tuong’s wives and. children in the house.

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