Enjoy the autumn colors of Sapa

Autumn in Sapa Vietnam makes people flutter because of the cool weather, the high blue sky, the sunshine all over the valleys

Autumn in Sapa Vietnam makes people flutter because of the cool weather, the high blue sky, the sunshine all over the valleys, like pouring golden honey on the terraced fields. Although this year’s harvest season comes early and people have almost finished harvesting cotton-laden rice fields, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors still have the opportunity to see the “last hour” golden season in the Muong Hoa valley. Walking along the small winding roads in the village, inhaling the fragrant aroma of ripe rice mixed in the afternoon blue smoke, encountering the laughing voices of people in the village, cannot help but make people watch. filled with feelings of joy and strange peace.

If in the past, visitors could not help but admire the photos of the golden season from above, now the Fansipan cable car has made it easy for visitors to admire the enchanting beauty with their own eyes. From the glass window of the cable car cabin looking towards the Muong Hoa valley, in everyone’s eyes is the “golden sea” and the winding lines of the terraced fields are as soft as each wave. The simple folds of the house, the small murmuring stream dotted even more, making the majestic natural picture of Hoang Lien Son now strangely poetic.

Coming to Sapa Vietnam this season

Coming to Sapa Vietnam this season, visitors easily have the opportunity to hunt for a sea of floating clouds after sudden rains. High mountain spots such as Ham Rong peak at an altitude of 1,800 m, Sapa Heaven Gate on O Quy Ho pass or Hang Da village are suggested points for visitors to admire the scenery of clouds and sky blending with the “beautifully forgotten” wild nature. way back”. The most ideal spot to view the sea of clouds is probably Fansipan peak. Coming to the highest mountain in Indochina this season, visitors think they are lost in the “fairy scene” by the scenery of white clouds, hidden in the clouds is a spiritual cultural complex in the shape of an ancient Vietnamese pagoda. Sapa autumn is not only rice, cloudy, but now there are many colors of flowers, inviting visitors’ footsteps along the way to discover Fansipan peak.

From the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train

From the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train, visitors can see thousands of peacock tail flowers blooming on more than 7.5 hectares or the multi-colored magic chrysanthemum road. From the station to the cable car to the spiritual cultural complex of Fansipan, there are many colors of flowers waiting such as: the national flag made from 150,000 fresh flowers, a stone lotus garden of 10,000 trees forming a miniature landscape of Fansipan peak or the slopes of the mountain. Hectare-wide rice fields are blooming orange-red on the high mountain slopes.

In the fall in Sapa Vietnam, Sun World Fansipan Legend is also applying a discount program of up to VND 147,000 for customers who buy a package of cable car tickets, mountain trains and lunch buffets. Adult ticket is 935,000 VND, and child ticket is 738,000 VND. Cable car combo and lunch buffet are also discounted to only 885,000 VND/adult and 688,000 VND/child ticket.

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