Enjoy the green garden with sweet fruits in Sapa Vietnam

Places with roofs or domes are places where plants can be nursed. When traveling to Sapa Vietnam, don't be shy,

The first impressive point when you experience Sapa eco-tourism at the agricultural ecological garden is the winding road filled with blooming roses. In the midst of the harsh summer sun, the entire rose garden bloomed in large bunches, stretching along the path leading to the ecological garden. We still know that Sapa Vietnam is a place with a suitable climate for growing flowers, but when we admire a large, beautiful flower carpet like this, we still can’t help but scream with excitement. According to Mr. Khai – the person in charge of introducing Sapa ecological garden tourism to us that day, this is a foreign climbing rose variety, which has been very popular in Sapa in recent years because it is quite easy to grow, grows quickly and blooms a lot.

Going along the road leading to O Quy Ho pass, you will see many roadside houses also growing this flower variety and Sapa ecological garden is one of the places where this type of rose is grown on a large scale. In addition, in the Sapa agricultural ecological zone, many varieties of Sapa ancient roses and hydrangeas of all different colors are grown. A special feature is that the hydrangeas here bloom with very large canopies and petals. The flower colors in each pot have many different colors such as pink, green yellow, purple, light blue… very beautiful.

Places with roofs or domes

Places with roofs or domes are places where plants can be nursed. When traveling to Sapa Vietnam, don’t be shy, ask the brothers and sisters in the garden to introduce you to the beautiful fruit and flower varieties in the garden. This agricultural ecological garden has taken us from one surprise to another. And under the plum trees is an extremely beautiful carpet of purple flowers. Sparkling summer sunlight filtered through the plum trees overhead, illuminating the purple flower carpet below.

We sat for a long time in the garden, listening to the wind blowing through the cool, rustling leaves, staring blankly at the purple flower carpet stretching out in front of us. It feels like stepping into a paradise garden somewhere. Oh, the best experience for me is the feeling of being lost in a fruit garden in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. Even the path leading to the orchard is very beautiful.

The most grown here are plums and peaches

The most grown here are plums and peaches. Summer is the best time for you to eat these two fruits. There are also apples, pears… and some other fruit trees, but the time we arrived was when the peaches and plums were at their most delicious. We are free to pick directly from the tree. If we can’t pick, everyone at the garden is also very enthusiastic to help. In the hot summer, biting into a cool, sweet piece of fruit is the best feeling ever. In addition, there are many other very strange varieties of plants here.

Mr. Khai introduced us to a plum variety with red stems and red leaves, which is extremely beautiful. To save time, we arranged to visit Sapa’s agricultural ecological garden for half a day, and the rest of the time we ran up O Quy Ho pass to take photos and watch the clouds and sunset. In addition, you can also combine visiting some other central locations such as stone churches, squares, or take the cable car to the top of Fansipan and see Muong Hoa valley Sapa Vietnam.

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