Enjoy the late blooming plum and peach blossom season in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam in April is known as the season of Northwest flowers. Sapa's mountains and forests are now covered

Sapa Vietnam in April is known as the season of Northwest flowers. Sapa’s mountains and forests are now covered with white and pink patches of late blooming plum and peach blossoms. Going along the road to Ta Phin, Ta Van or Ham Rong villages, visitors will easily see plum and peach trees blooming. It would be a mistake to visit Sapa and miss this wonderful “virtual living” background. Azalea is a typical flower of the Northwest mountains and forests, usually blooming around late March – early April.

Colorful azalea flowers fill every village and hillside, most often on the Hoang Lien Son range. From afar, the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range looks exactly like a giant brocade fabric, woven from red, pink, yellow, purple, white… of more than 40 species of rhododendron. In particular, April is also the time for the Azalea Festival in Sapa Vietnam. Like azalea flowers, Sapa buckwheat flowers usually bloom in late March – early April.

Traveling to Sapa Vietnam in April, visitors will see with their own eyes the vast fields of buckwheat flowers. The magical flower colors change with the sunlight, making visitors exclaim with excitement. Sapa roses – a symbol of romantic love, bloom around April and May. The roses here have a different beauty compared to other regions, pure, gentle but still shining in every corner of the sky. Beautiful roses combined with a gentle fragrance make visitors feel like they are lost in some fairyland.

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