Explore Sin Cheng commune to immerse yourself in the beautiful fresh green color

Sin Cheng commune is a destination in Lao Cai near Sapa Vietnam with difficult terrain with steep rocky mountains and steep slopes. But that does not stop people from farming. In addition to rice, they also grow corn. Therefore, when exploring Sin Cheng commune, you will feel a picture filled with beautiful green colors.

If you fall in love with the beauty of the Northwest terraces, you must visit Sin Cheng near Sapa Vietnam. On the journey through the commune, you will see rice fields running along the mountainside, forming layers from above, looking like endless waves. Like many other localities, Sin Cheng is most beautiful in the autumn when the rice is ripe.

According to Lao Cai travel experience that many tourists share, the terraced fields in Ban Kha, Ngai Phong Cho and Chu Lin Cho are the most beautiful. Go to the top of Ngai Phong Cho slope and look down to see the whole of Sin Cheng commune near Sapa Vietnam. It is a large commune surrounded by the same message of terraced fields and majestic mountains.

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