Festival in the ancient village of Tho Ha

Tho Ha ancient village  festival features the festival of Kinh Bac region with familiar Quan ho melodies performed on the river and communal yard. The procession of Thanh Hoang Tho Ha ancient village is solemnly organized, accompanied by the procession are very special dances and drums.

The festival is an opportunity for people in the Tho Ha ancient village to express their gratitude to the Holy Spirit and the patriarch Dao Tri Tien, who has been credited with transmitting pottery to the villagers since about the 12th century. This festival still maintains and preserves almost intact the rituals bearing the unique and traditional culture of the Northern festival.

The focus of the procession is the three Mr. Phuc – Loc – Tho and the pair of Tien Dong and Ngoc Nu dressed up by the villagers. Led by the lion dance troupe, the bowling team has all the trumpets, drums, stamens, and trumpets, creating an extremely vibrant festival space with full of colorful colors and bustling sounds. Next is the procession of Kieu Thanh and Kieu Mau with the throne altar accompanied by the money-making dance team.

The procession only goes from the hamlet to the communal house not far away, only a few hundred meters but it takes several hours due to many accompanying rituals. The offerings to the gods in the festival include a bull covered with peach silk, solemnly sacrificed by four boys; In addition, there are many offerings that are offered to the gods by neighbors, clans, and families.

All of them respectfully invited the saint to attend the festival with the villagers and asked the saint to bless the villagers for a new year with good health, prosperous business, happy villages, and happy families.

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