Five-fruit tray on Tet holiday

The five-fruit tray in Tho Ha ancient village is not too strict in the selection of fruits but must be consistent with the five elements in Eastern culture, which are all things in harmony in heaven and earth and according to the meaning of each type of fruit. Although it is called a five-fruit tray, today many families choose many fruits with different colors, in order to pray for money and a prosperous and prosperous new year.

Tho Ha ancient village people display a five-fruit tray according to the Five Elements theory in Eastern culture, which is that all things are in harmony with heaven and earth. Therefore, the five-fruit tray must also be mixed in 5 colors: White Metal, Blue Wood, Black Water, Red Fire, Yellow Earth. How to decorate and arrange the colors of each fruit alternately to make it beautiful and suitable for Tet feng shui. Although there is not much or little obligation, but everyone buys enough rituals, all kinds, fruits must conform to the meaning of the offering.

Tho Ha ancient village five-fruit tray usually has 5 types: Banana, grapefruit, peach, persimmon, and tangerine. The traditional presentation is: Banana at the bottom, supporting all other fruits. In the middle is a grapefruit or a golden Buddha’s hand. The fruits are displayed around. The empty spaces are interspersed with yellow mandarins, green apples, or ripe red peppers.

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