For tourism to develop commensurate with its potential

According to statistics, in the 8 months of 2017, Si Ma Cai welcomed about 15,000 domestic and foreign tourists.

According to statistics, in the 8 months of 2017, Si Ma Cai welcomed about 15,000 domestic and foreign tourists. The number of visitors is concentrated in places such as Can Cau, Sin Cheng, and Ban Me near Sapa Vietnam. Although the number of domestic and foreign tourists to SiMa Cai district has increased, overall, the achieved results are still not commensurate with the potential and advantages of Si Ma Cai.

There are many factors hindering the development of tourism in SiMa Cai, but mainly the physical infrastructure and human resources for tourism. Currently, the whole SiMa Cai district has only 2 accommodation establishments with more than 20 rooms, homestay services have not been developed, there are not many typical tourist products, cultural villages and tourist attractions have not been invested to create attractions to attract visitors. Many tourists when coming to Si Ma Cai can’t find a room to stay, have to stay in temporary houses with poor food, accommodation and hygiene conditions.

The first time coming to…

The first time coming to Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Van Bach (Dong Anh, Hanoi) shared: I am very impressed with the wildness of the markets, the people here are approachable and hospitable. But what makes me not really satisfied is that the accommodation facilities are too few, the restaurants are not diverse. Traveling in SiMa Cai, I could not book a room, so I had to choose the option to visit during the day, return to Bac Ha to rest in the evening, and return to Si Ma Cai the next day, even though I know it will take more time.

Identifying typical tourism products of Si Ma Cai district as cultural tourism and eco-tourism, the district also focuses on developing tourism in villages and hamlets that still retain many traditional cultural features such as fairs, fairs, planting buckwheat flowers, exploring Chay river and cave tourism; at the same time, building typical cultural villages, preserving traditional crafts such as brocade embroidery, knitting, forging, casting and traditional festivals such as Gau Tao festival of the Mong ethnic group, festivals Along with that, the district mobilizes people to participate in the planting and processing of products from Tam That flower, triangle buckwheat to create a highlight to attract tourists and develop products. Typical tourist product of Si Ma Cai district near Sapa Vietnam.

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