Friendly Sapa

The image that anyone who came to Sapa Vietnam during the holidays of April 30 and May 1 felt that it was a bustling, noisy and vibrant Sapa; However, few people can see that hidden deep in it, there is still a slow, gentle, warm and full of love Sapa. Local people with a constant smile on their lips, enthusiastically give directions or take pictures together. with visitors; openness, introduction to local culture; Or simply the act of wearing beautiful small brocade bracelets in the hands of tourists…

That much is enough to see that Sapa Vietnam is still there with beautiful and simple moments. People always have a smile on their faces when tourists want a souvenir photo. Visitors who want to know the way to tourist attractions will be enthusiastically guided by local union members.

Customers viewing or buying at the stores will also meet enthusiastic and happy staff with smiles like this. Looking at these pictures in Sapa Vietnam, visitors will see that the people here are very friendly and enthusiastic.

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