Giang Ta Phinh commune – Ngu Chi Son in Sapa Vietnam

Ta Giang Phinh Sapa Vietnam, also known as Ngu Chi Son Commune, is a border commune located in Sapa district,

Ta Giang Phinh Sapa Vietnam, also known as Ngu Chi Son Commune, is a border commune located in Sapa district, about 28 km from the town center. Directions: run along National Highway 1A to Ban Den, then follow Provincial Road 152 to Xuan Vien, go to National Highway 4D to reach O Quy Ho village, then drive to Provincial Road 155 for another 15km to arrive. Our stop is Phu Cuong Quan. The restaurant serves lunch, has very chill lounge chairs and a wide-screen TV with beautiful views of the terraced fields. The road was steep and steep, a bit difficult, but when we got there, we had to say wow, “Why is it so beautiful that I only know now?” A pristine, pure beauty.

The beautiful scenery

The beautiful scenery of the commune is a blend of vast forests, rice fields, simple houses,… both peaceful and simple but also full of mystery and passion. And especially Ngu Chi Son is known as the Mountain Wonder – “Border” between Sapa Vietnam and Lai Chau. Seen from a distance, the five mountains lying close together like five fingers stretching straight into the sky look majestic, majestic and mysterious. After the rain, a magnificent scene appeared that left me speechless. Looming in the thin clouds is the sky gate appearing majestically. I feel very lucky to be able to witness this magical moment with my own eyes.

The streaks of afternoon sunlight slanting down to the foot of the mountain are carpets of green terraced fields in Sapa Vietnam, adorning the natural picture even more magnificently. Before this scene, I just want to spread my arms and scream loudly, “So beautiful, Mother Nature!”. Delicious dishes that everyone must try when coming here are black chicken, stir-fried sushi and salmon sashimi. Our lunch was super delicious, filling, 350k each.

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