Go to the Old Aged Dry Festival and listen to the legend of the divine horse

Sapa Vietnam. On June 29, 2023, the first day of the Horse (the day of the horse) of the 6th lunar month (this year is February 2,

At the beginning of the 6th lunar month, Ha Nhi villages and hamlets in the Bat Xat highland jubilantly held the Dry Gia Gia festival, praying for good crops. What few people know is that the festival comes from a mysterious legend about a god horse on Ga Ta Mo mountain near Sapa Vietnam. On June 29, 2023, the first day of the Horse (the day of the horse) of the 6th lunar month (this year is February 2, so this day falls on the 12th May of the lunar calendar), Ha Nhi families in the villages A village in Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district is busy preparing offerings to be displayed on a traditional rattan tray and brought to the park shack to participate in the worshiping ceremony in the Kho Gia Gia festival.

Elite artisan Ly Seo Cho, Lao Chai village,…

Elite artisan Ly Seo Cho, Lao Chai village, Y Ty commune shared: Legend of Ha Nhi people recounts that, from ancient times, Ha Nhi people came to Y Ty to settle down and reclaim land and work on terraced fields. ladder, rice cultivation in the valley of The Pa, near Sapa Vietnam. That year, the weather was dry, there was not a drop of rain, the grass and trees withered, the corn and rice plants planted in The Pa valley did not produce cotton or corn. The life of Ha Nhi people is very difficult because of the crop failure.

The sorcerers say that on Ga Ta Mo mountain, there is a magic horse that often flies down to the valley of The Pa to disturb, eat rice and corn of the relatives, making corn and rice unseeded. Therefore, it is necessary to make offerings to the horse god on the top of that mountain.

Following the shaman’s words,…

Following the shaman’s words, the Ha Nhi people hold a ceremony to worship the family, each village also slaughters buffalo to make a communal offering tray, each family prepares a separate offering tray to worship in the village’s park forest near Sapa Vietnam. Offerings include buffalo meat, wine, rice, agricultural products that people can make to offer to the gods.

Along with that, at the foot of the swing, you must put a bowl of rice and hold green grass as a reason, pray for the horse god to receive the offering, and not come down to destroy the corn and rice of the relatives. After worshiping, the Ha Nhi people in some villages also put a stone tiger (Ha Gu) facing the top of the rocky mountain to prevent the horse from destroying the crops. Since then, the crops have always been good, and the Ha Nhi people have lived a more prosperous life.

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