Ham Rong

urgently invited me to visit Y Linh Ho once to know more about the suffering of his people. The road from the Commune People's Committe

Ham Rong is a ward of Sapa Vietnam. The ward has an area of 8.69 km², the population in 2018 is 7,413 people, the population density reaches 853 people/km². Ham Rong ward is divided into 5 residential groups numbered from 1 to 5 . Ham Rong is a mountain located in the Hoang Lien Son range with the meaning of “dragon’s jaw”. Ham Rong is one of the few mountains in Vietnam with a beautiful and clear image, associated with it is an interesting and thrilling legend. The name of the mountain was later given to a street in the center of Sapa Vietnam and is now named ward.

Ham Rong ward was established on January 1, 2020 on the basis of adjusting 2.05 km² of natural area, 4,743 people of Sapa Vietnam and 6.64 km² of natural area, 2,670 people of commune, Sapa Vietnam

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