H’Mong people in Sapa

The H'Mong ethnic group accounts for over 50% of the population and is considered the largest ethnic group in Sapa Vietnam.

The H’Mong ethnic group accounts for over 50% of the population and is considered the largest ethnic group in Sapa Vietnam. The main agricultural products of the H’Mong are maize, upland rice, potatoes, three-cornered buckwheat, willow, sesame, and vegetables. Fruits such as apples, peaches, and plums are also famous. Besides, the people also grow medicines such as tam ventricular, trans-frame, invasive…. The costumes of the H’Mong people are very recognizable: men often wear black or dark blue pants, short-sleeved blouses like a vest with flaps that extend past the buttock. On the head usually wears a small, round, shallow hat, hugging the top of the head, the black one, the other has a brocade embroidered ring.

Women also wear black

Women also wear black, with a black scarf on their heads. Outside was a jacket without sleeves, the hem reaching almost to the knee like a man’s. This particular coat is pressed with beeswax, resulting in a silvery black color. In particular, H’Mong women wear knee-length shorts, not skirts. They wrap the leggings around their calves very cleverly with a narrow bandage. In Sapa Vietnam, the most densely populated H’Mong village is Cat Cat, nearly 2km from the town, visitors can learn and discover about life live their daily activities, enjoy Thang Co – a specialty, corn wine, soy bean dish… unique.

In the cultural life, the H’Mong people in Sapa Vietnam are passionate about their ethnic folk songs, which are love songs (plucking buckets), wedding songs (bucket down)… which they often sing when working in the fields. when spinning or weaving or when going to the market, going to a festival. Gau Tao is a prominent festival of the H’Mong people, folk songs are not only expressed in words but also presented through ethnic musical instruments such as flute, trumpet, trumpet, and lip lute. Young people of the H’Mong people like to play the trumpet, blow and dance to convey and express their hearts to their spouses, praising the beauty of life and the country’s homeland.

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