Hmong women’s costumes

Black Hmong women's uniform in Sapa Vietnam includes: long-sleeved yao tooxx haus inner shirt with a rectangular

Black Hmong women’s uniform in Sapa Vietnam includes: long-sleeved yao tooxx haus inner shirt with a rectangular shape and a short-sleeved jacket with a square shape. Black Hmong women’s pants are sewn with black indigo dyed linen, the style of lame pants is similar to men’s pants. Tris pants have the shape of a trapezoid. The accompanying costume accessories are women’s belts with rectangular shapes and nrôngz leggings that are also rectangular; The bag has a square shape, the bag handle is a long rectangular version.

Hmong women often wear a four-piece top, unbuttoned at the chest, unstitched hem or tucked into the skirt. Skirt is a closed skirt, many folds, wide, when spread, it has a round shape. The dress is worn on the body with a cloth belt decorated with embroidery in the middle. When wearing a skirt, usually bring an apron. The apron worn on the front of the abdomen, covering the legs, is the intersection of the triangular and rectangular cloth; The decorative pattern is an isosceles triangle cloth above, the rectangular piece is indigo black, the size depends on each part of the Mong people.

Women in Sapa Vietnam

Women in Sapa Vietnam often have long hair wrapped around their heads, with some groups wearing scarves wrapped in a high block on their heads. Jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings. Silver necklace, which is a circular type that is not completely closed. There are two types of necklaces: pure jewelry necklaces and protective necklaces. The necklace is purely for decoration purposes only. The life ring according to the concept of the compatriots is worn to prevent evil spirits from entering the body, harming people and preventing diseases. On the ring is engraved the word guardian. The bracelet has decorative patterns, such as flowers, stylized butterflies. On the occasion of the festival, Tet holiday, when going to the market, many women wear 5, 6 rings on one wrist.

Women’s tops in Sapa Vietnam

Women’s tops in Sapa Vietnam come in two types: long-sleeve tops and blazers. Long-sleeve shirt is a type of shirt that is sewn in 2 layers, the outer layer is dark indigo-dyed linen, the inner layer is light indigo color, no collar, the measurement is as wide as the armpits, the shirt is slit in the middle, and the shirt is not buttoned when worn. then cross the left hem of the shirt to the right first, then fold the right hem over it, use a linen belt to wrap many times around the waist to hold the hem of the shirt. Black Hmong women’s long-sleeved shirt has a rectangular shape, straight without curving the waist. Therefore, the seams of the sleeves to the armpits of the front and back are straight seams.

The shoulders of the front and rear bodies are of equal size. The length of the body is calculated from shoulder to mid-thigh ranging from 75.5cm- 80cm depending on the height of each person. Black Hmong women wear turtleneck T-shirts inside, then wear long-sleeved shirts to avoid exposing their breasts, and wear a blazer on the outside. A blazer is a shirt that has the same length, shoulder, and collar specifications as a long-sleeved shirt.

The difference between a long-sleeved shirt and a blazer is the height of the collar: the collar is about 6 cm long and the collar of a blazer is 12-15 cm. The collar has an upper layer to smooth indigo-dyed linen, turn the collar up, the lower neck layer is decorated with dense textures with mainly embroidery or beeswax printing techniques. This blazer is used for both men and women of the Mong people in daily activities.

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