Honoring the Hmong dress

Stopped at the Man Than Primary School for Ethnic Minorities  near Sapa Vietnam -boarding on the day the school held

Stopped at the Man Than Primary School for Ethnic Minorities  near Sapa Vietnam -boarding on the day the school held a traveling photo exhibition. For a border highland commune, this is probably a big event, a big festival, so a lot of parents and students come to visit. But just like when going to the market, very few people choose to wear their national costumes, especially schoolchildren. Most of the children chose to wear Kinh’s costumes. Children who wear national costumes are mostly wearing printed skirts. These dresses are not hand-embroidered with motifs simulating spiritual and cultural activities of the Mong people, but are mass-produced by printing and stamping strange patterns.

When asked if the children in Si Ma Cai…

When asked if the children in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam knew the origin and meaning of the patterns on the dresses they were wearing, they all shook their heads and said that they only knew that their mother bought it for them at a very cheap price, about a few hundred thousand dong. Meanwhile, according to people here, if you want to make a traditional Hmong dress, one person has to do it for 2-3 months to complete. And the price of such a dress is very expensive, about 2-4 million VND/set. But in return, the self-woven, self-sewn skirt is very durable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Maybe that’s why now,…

Maybe that’s why now, in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, the image of women sitting hard on the door to embroider is less and less. The traditional brocade weaving village in Can Cau was also affected because of that, from the day when foreign printed stamping fabrics spilled over, the consumption of brocade in Can Cau decreased significantly. Less and less people are looking to buy ethnic dresses to wear. Brocade is made mainly to serve tourists, especially foreign guests.

Also because the product is stopped, weaving is not guaranteed, many families in Can Cau have changed jobs, even some people have left to work far away. In order to keep the traditional costumes, along with propaganda, perhaps the most important thing is to find ways to improve people’s lives. How to make ethnic people not only eat well but also be well dressed, have the conditions to choose the traditional costume of the nation to wear and honor it?

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