Hovering at an altitude of 2000m along the Sapa Vietnam glass bridge

Glass Bridge has a total length of about 300m, hugs the Hoang Lien Son mountain Sapa Vietnam range and has a part extending about 60m

Sapa glass bridge is also known as Rong May glass bridge, belonging to Rong May tourist area, the bridge is located about 18km from Sapa central citadel, right on National Highway 4D near the romantic O Quy Ho pass. The bridge was inaugurated at the end of 2019. At the time of its launch, the Sapa glass structure impressed with its unique architecture. The bridge is built from transparent tempered glass panels with a thickness of more than 7cm. Looking down from the bridge, you can see Sapa from an altitude of 2000m above the water level, very majestic. This feeling makes many tourists overwhelmed by the vast scenery of Sapa Vietnam through transparent glass layers, but it also makes many visitors feel heartbroken because of the rare height.

Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge has a total length of about 300m, hugs the Hoang Lien Son mountain Sapa Vietnam range and has a part extending about 60m. The glass bridge includes 3 4 directions with 4 corridor areas. Not only is it a scenic attraction, the glass bridge also has its own game area with extremely interesting and thrilling game combinations. The fastest and most convenient means of transportation to get to glass bridge is by plane. Depending on where you depart, ticket prices will vary. Glass Bridge is famous for its majestic beauty but enough to scare the hearts of most people who are afraid of heights. With such a special tourist destination, there will certainly be many interesting activities waiting for you to experience. As you know, the glass bridge is almost entirely made of transparent glass.

Looking out from the glass bridge

Looking out from the glass bridge, you will feel like you are floating in mid-air. The first thing that greets you when coming to Sapa glass bridge is probably the panoramic view of Sapa that makes people flutter with rolling mountains surrounded by winding streams, picturesque terraced fields,… Coming to the glass bridge, choose a warm outfit, keep your hair neat with gel, hair tie or hat to get a beautiful photo because it will probably be windy on the bridge. Located at an altitude of 2200m above sea level, it is designed with transparent glass, so when walking on the glass bridge you can see the scenery of Sapa Vietnam from 8 different sides.

Sapa in the glass seems to surround you, not only the view above, in front, left, right or behind, you can also see Sapa from above and down. With the floor also made from transparent glass, the Sapa glass bridge will surely give you the feeling of walking on air – absentmindedly and gently. If you are afraid of heights, bring your friends along to keep your spirits up. Don’t miss this experience!

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