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Leaving the city with the shimmering space of the lights of Hoa Lu Old Town near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, going up to Cuc Phuong forest

Leaving the city with the shimmering space of the lights of Hoa Lu Old Town near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, going up to Cuc Phuong forest, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a new tourist destination dubbed “miniature Da Lat”. Dong Chuong lake eco-tourism area is a natural freshwater lake with wild and quiet scenery. The most prominent here is the hundred-year-old pine forest with rough stumps, tinged with time but still straight, proudly facing the sky. In the early morning, the whole forest is silent in the mist. When the sun is high, the sun gently crept through the trees, shining bright rays to warm the green grass.

Coming to Dong Chuong Lake

Coming to Dong Chuong Lake, visitors can check-in famous tourist attractions. It is Ao Troi near Tam Coc Ninh Binh – a lake on the top of a small pine hill, but always blue, never dry or Ba Tua waterfall with a height of nearly 40m, in the rainy season water from the rocky mountains pours endlessly, as beautiful as a picture. aquatic wear. In 2022, this place will be put into operation more resort services, camping, eco-tourism, along with experiential activities such as cycling, kayaking, farm visits… With rich natural landscape , charming scenery, keeping the rustic, simple, pure, close and friendly with the environment, so this new tourist destination has “held” and captivated the souls of thousands of tourists.

In addition to new tourist attractions

In addition to new tourist attractions, this place also exploits and develops new tours and routes, focusing on exploiting the strengths of rural tourism and experiential tourism in the province. In particular, after the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of choosing to go to crowded and bustling places, tourists tend to prioritize places with peaceful scenery, close to nature and trees. Understanding this, travel companies in the province have promoted tours to experience the countryside and are loved by a large number of tourists.

A number of new country experience tours to be exploited in 2022, such as the “Farmer Experience” tour at Hang Mua tourist area. Visitors will be able to directly participate in activities of catching fish, stomping, picking lotus, making lotus tea, cooking rice in a pot, grilling fish… More specifically, the tours “Country tour”, “One day” working as a farmer” at Thien Ha Cave Tourist Area near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. These are tours that have been exploited by Star Private Enterprise for the past few years. In 2022, the unit continues to innovate forms and places of experience to refresh its tourism products.

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