Imprint of the countryside soul in Tho Ha ancient village

The imprint of the countryside here is like a new wind that sweeps away all the troubles among the ancient space. Tho Ha ancient village is a place known by many people because of its quiet ancient features, and is also an ideal place for those who love history, the art of village communal house architecture, and ancient houses to learn and explore.

Like many other Vietnamese villages, Tho Ha village gate is the first place that visitors see before immersing in the nostalgic space. The gate has a majestic appearance, sophisticated motifs, bold ethnic imprints, making the footsteps of everyone passing through must linger to look back. Stepping through the gate, any visitor will feel the time stops, standing on each roof, each wall peeling paint.

Many wooden houses are dated for hundreds of years and have very high historical and cultural value. However, people here still keep the house left by their ancestors, using it as a worship hall or gathering place for relatives on holidays and Tet.

Although many centuries have passed since the founding of the village, everything in Tho Ha ancient village seems to be the same as it was yesterday. There is no disruption or impact of the market economy on this ancient village located about 50km from Hanoi.

The land and people are idyllic and peaceful, but preserving the love of a typical Vietnamese cultural village. A tour around Tho Ha ancient village to appreciate the cultural sediments crystallized over the ages that make up the soul of the homeland and the nation.

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