I had the opportunity to explore Japan's red leaf season. With the experiences accumulated after the trip, I will share for your reference!

During my recent journey with Intertour, I had the opportunity to explore Japan’s red leaf season. With the experiences accumulated after the trip, I will share for your reference!

I heard that you are a true fan of the cartoon “Detective Conan”? So you probably remember, after the confession between Ran and Shinichi, the final fateful meeting took place under the Big Ben Clock Tower. Although there was no lip kiss or cheek kiss, the pure feelings of the two young people made the fan community excited, touched and crazy with sweetness. So let me challenge you, how many episodes is that?

Bing deck! That’s right, that’s the episode “Crimson Field Trip”. “Crimson red” is the sweet, seductive color of autumn leaves in the land of mourning. Watching this episode made me fall in love with the natural landscape like a strange miracle in this land. And Konnichiwa! Hi everybody!

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1. When Japan’s red leaf season begins

During the Japanese red leaf season tour organized by TBAOINFO, the tour guide shared: people often joke that Japan actually has six seasons, not four like other countries. The two most beautiful seasons are cherry blossom season and red leaf season. Japan’s red leaf season takes place from mid-late October to December, marking a wonderful transition in weather; And this is also the time when Japan becomes sweet and romantic with the captivating color of maple leaves…

2. Where have I gone to enjoy Japan’s red leaf season?

Osaka – one of the most livable cities in the world

The starting point of the trip was Osaka city, where I found peace and quiet amidst the worries of everyday life. With a delicate combination of modernity and tradition in culture and architecture, Osaka is truly a meaningful highlight of the journey.

Ancient capital Kyoto

On autumn days, Kyoto seems to be blessed by magical nature, slowly transforming into a fairy garden with brilliant red and orange colors. A city of ancient temples and pagodas, along with romantic Japanese autumn leaves streets, a place I thought time might have forgotten…

Having traveled to Kyoto, our group definitely had to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine to immediately catch hot trends such as: strolling and checking in on Senbon Torii street with 10,000 bright red Torii gates, tasting tsujiura fortune cookies. senbei, eat the fox’s favorite dish – aburaage – deep-fried tofu…


Coming to Tokyo, a city that surprised me with its modernity and bustle… I visited the Japanese Imperial Palace, shopped at Akihabara electronics center… This bustling capital is also an ideal paradise. Let us enjoy experiencing Japanese culinary culture. Fall menus in Tokyo often feature delicious and signature dishes such as hot udon noodles, soba noodles, and nabe (Japanese hot pot). Please help me, everyone, why do you taste it once and want to eat it again and again…

Yamanashi – Fuji

I exhaust my heart to tell you that, if you want to fully enjoy the beautiful beauty of Mount Fuji, you should come here in the fall! Because nowhere else but on a trip to Japan’s red leaf season will you have the opportunity to admire the majestic mountain peaks covered with white snow. The harmonious blend of two warm and cold colors must be called the ultimate human painting!

Especially when I came to Yamanashi, I experienced an Onsen bath at the foot of Mount Fuji, which was a super awesome feeling that no words can describe. At first I may not be used to it, but as I slowly adapt to the pure hot water, my body feels very comfortable and feels like I have recovered a lot of energy after a long journey where my legs were tired. It’s impossible to stand still in front of these magical, poetic scenes…

After that, I took the cable car up to Mount Tenjo – where there is a very unique heart-shaped Tenjo no Kane heavenly bell. The feeling of floating between the brilliant Momiji Kairo maple leaf corridor and below is the “golden sea” of ginkgo trees are probably the marks that make me remember forever.

3. What am I most excited about after the trip?

My plan to travel during the red leaf season in Japan started with a feeling of excitement, but I struggled but got nowhere because I didn’t know what to start preparing to apply for a visa, whether the air tickets were expensive or not. thought, and most importantly, the foreign language issue, when there is not a single word of Japanese, and in this country, the use of English is not so common…

When I intend to give up, the universe sends a signal to Intertour. With just one phone call to the hotline, all my pressure and worries about my trip to Japan were relieved. Thank you for your enthusiastic and extremely responsible advice, answering all the questions my family needs to know.

In particular, when I first learned about the procedures for applying for a tourist visa in Japan, I found it very tiring, but the people at Intertour helped me share it clearly, so that this issue was no longer too stressful, and the task was easier. Owning one of the most powerful visas in Asia becomes easy…

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