Keeping the old Vietnamese in the ancient village of Tho Ha forever

Experiencing the ups and downs of history, Tho Ha ancient village today still preserves its ancient and rustic features, typical traditional products of the Northern countryside.

Lying on the side of the Cau River that was once clear and green, fostering a rich countryside, there is a village that, when you come here, it seems like time is turned back half a century ago by the ancient features of the village. architecture goes back in time. If Duong Lam is a typical Vietnamese classical village of the midland region, Tho Ha is a village with the most basic features of an ancient riverside village.

Stepping through the mossy village gate is the main road running parallel to the Cau River with narrow alleys stabbing to form a unique fishbone shape. Each hamlet has its own solid gate extending to the river with brick steps reaching to the water’s edge. Cau River Wharf was formerly a busy trading and boating place. Facing the change of times, the speed of urbanization is getting stronger and stronger, the remaining old houses in the village are less and less.

Not only famous for its unique cultural space, Tho Ha ancient village is also known for its traditional professions, especially making rice paper. On sunny days, just through the village gate, everywhere you can see silk strips of rice paper drying in the sun, layer after layer, layer upon layer, creating a beautiful scene, attracting curiosity. tourists and photographers alike.

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