Le Long Tich

Le Long Tich is also known as Le Ngan Tich. He was ordained as Dong Thanh Vuong by King Le Dai Hanh in 989, along with his eldest brother Le Long Thau and step-brother Le Long Viet. Later, when King Le’s sons were crowned kings, they were given food to guard villages far from the capital. As for the three men, who did not give food to the hamlet, they were allowed to live in the capital Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. In 1004, he was again named Dong Thanh Dai Vuong by King Le Dai Hanh.

Because he also had the title of Dong Thanh Vuong similar to his 7th brother, Le Long Tung, after the Ly dynasty usurped the throne of Long Tung fled to defend the Dong Thanh area, Dien Chau became Dong Thanh Vuong that the gods and goddesses knew. In Nghe An, there is still confusion between the two men. In fact, Le Long Tung’s title Dong Thanh Vuong appeared after Le Long Tich was killed by the Thach Ha Chau people on the way to flee in the battle for the throne.

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