Listen to the rain in the forest near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

Tam Coc Ninh Binh, thousands of blue waves trembling like the scales of lapis lazuli tiles below. still immersed in the sound of the rain

I suddenly remembered and worried about where the animals in the forest were hiding, where they were sleeping, and how there would be enough caves near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The eagle, five wild cats, and two ground pythons on the “Homecoming” trip, did they get wet in the rain and storms, did the eagles? Is there a shelter, cat!…

I was in the forest for the first time, listening to the forest rain and feeling like out there there was the changing sound of tree gods, mountain gods, river gods, of Giang, of giving birth to land and giving birth to water, of Tao, Miss A, Miss Ban. Just drifting in the rain for a long, long time… I don’t know how long it took, then the rain gradually subsided, at that time it seemed like the sky was barely shining. Nam Tho Duong’s younger sister opened the door and walked in and told me:

– Ms. Chau, wake up and look at the beautiful waves on Mac Lake.

Oh, so she woke up a moment ago, at what moment, left the room and came back to open the door for me to look down at the surface of Mac Lake near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, thousands of blue waves trembling like the scales of lapis lazuli tiles below. still immersed in the sound of the rain forest! We gently walked down the stairs and walked around the lake. The path along the lake was covered with weeping trees, ripe figs fell on the path, and a few butterflies fluttered on the ground.

This season is over for butterflies. Skewering in the wind, shivering in the cold, we wrapped ourselves in scarves and blew them in the wind before finally reaching the bridge at the end of the lake, the only path deep into the jungle. The rain was just blowing, but the wind was still as strong as a storm, the wind held the tree tops down, looking desolate and cold. Suddenly I remembered that it was winter today, so the sky was sobbing, the cold weather was coming from the mountains on the other side, the sky chased autumn away, chased away scarves in the wind and rain. We kept running in the rain, in the dark storm. I said:

– I have to go home now.

– Never mind, go home, I’m here listening to the rain in the forest and writing.

– So who has been sleepy since the night until now and hasn’t written enough about the rain in the forest?

– Oh, that’s not enough, I still have to watch the forest storm before writing!

And leaving her alone

And leaving her alone to go back to the hotel room, I wrapped a towel and walked back towards the rain, against the wind, under the storm-wracked jungle, into the deep green Cuc Phuong mountain range near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, leaving the Mac Curved Bridge.

Curved like a girl’s eyebrows, walking down a single path with small trees on both sides of the wind, the grass and reeds were white with flowers yesterday, but today they are bunched together with gray edges following the wind, the wind swings large trees high up in the sky. There, open patches of sky as big as rice winches, the wind gently presses the low-lying molluscs close to the ground. The bamboo trees have straight trunks that do not flinch in the wind, and the needle trees are black and moldy. Here, there are countless gold coins.

There are so many kim chopsticks

There are so many kim chopsticks but I don’t see any kim chopsticks. Walking for a while, I felt the rain seeping into my skin, the wind was seeping into my clothes and hair, I felt cold and a bit lonely, but my feet kept walking into the deep forest, walking further past Mac Lake, to Green Hamlet and knew It would be nice if we could get to Bong village. But going alone like this, who knows if there will be a python brother, a tiger brother, a tiger brother or a roe deer or monkey trying to make friends, how can I answer!

The way back is too far, I’m afraid of the forest when I get there, there’s only the howling wind and thousands of trees and vines tangled like pythons… Oh, I’m as small as an insect! Ah, there it is! One green ranger shirt, two green ranger shirts carrying guns on patrol.

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