Lost in the “wonderland” of Bac Ha in the plum blossom season

In the midst of the vast mountains and forests of the Northwest, Bac Ha plum blossom season puts on a pure white shirt,

In the midst of the vast mountains and forests of the Northwest, Bac Ha plum blossom season puts on a pure white shirt, radiantly showing off in the early days of the new year, still mildly fragrant with spring. On New Year’s Day, people enthusiastically invite each other to Moc Chau, Ha Giang to see plum blossoms and peach blossoms in bloom, but few know that Bac Ha plum blossom season also has such a beautiful beauty near Sapa Vietnam. Under the floating pink clouds, in the midst of the endless green of the mountains and forests, suddenly the plum flowers bloomed, blooming between heaven and earth, spilling over valleys and villages, pulling up to the simple roofs of houses. then bloom and show off in the Northwest. The plum blossom season seems to have become an indispensable “specialty” of Bac Ha every Tet to spring.

The plum blossom season in Bac Ha…

The plum blossom season in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam usually begins in the last days of January and early February. When the weather starts to get warmer, millions of millions of small white plum flowers begin to unfold, bursting with vitality, showing off their beauty. proud beauty, her dream in the vast nature. To visit Bac Ha plum blossom season, you must definitely visit Ban Pho, Ta Chai, Na Hoi, Lau Thi Ngai, etc. where the flowers bloom most. The whole village seems to be covered by the pure beauty of this simple but equally beautiful Tam Hoa plum species. Pure flowers, blooming in the gardens, next to the house, fragile petals, scattered on the red dirt roads, so that this place appears like a poetic and charming natural picture.

Flowers bloomed in those plum groves…

Flowers bloomed in those plum groves, flowers crouched on the white hillsides. Bac Ha plum blossoms let go of themselves in the breeze, letting the fragrance of flowers take them all the way, to every corner of the high places. In the early morning, heavy dew drops remained on the delicate petals, under the golden sun like pouring honey, the whole plum garden suddenly seemed to burst with vitality, shimmering, dancing in the sun in the early spring days. Plum blossom season in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam is the image of young highland girls, wearing colorful dresses, smiling sweetly and shyly next to the pristine plum blossom gardens.

That image suddenly hides, suddenly appears, making people dreamy, thinking it’s like a dream. Plum blossoms come quickly but also quickly fade. Showing off the spring color for nearly a month, the flowers have faded, but that beauty remains forever in the mind of the traveler, so that people can remember and love them endlessly.

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