Love stories with the forest

The love of the forest has led Major Tran Manh Tao to stick with Cuc Phuong for 20 years. Every day, forest guards like him have to cross

The love of the forest has led Major Tran Manh Tao to stick with Cuc Phuong for 20 years. Every day, forest guards like him have to cross the forest and walk along the mountain slopes to protect the forest. Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is more than 22,000 hectares wide, full of deep forests with jagged cat ears. Every time I go to the forest for a few days, I have to bring rice balls, drinking water, and sleeping bags. Life and work are not easy. Major Cao shared: “There are 13 stations in the forest, but the stations are far from residential areas, many stations do not have enough facilities and water. When he first arrived at Cuc Phuong, he went on patrol several times in the forest for a few days.

But it’s been 20 years with this place.” Cuc Phuong is the first national park, also the place with the most biodiversity in Vietnam, so it is protected very strictly. In the past, hunting and deforestation were almost impossible to control. Major Cao said: In the area bordering Ninh Binh with Hoa Binh, the forest was previously lost. Over the past decade, due to good management, the forest in this area has turned green again. At Cuc Phuong Primate Rescue Center, no one does not know about the beautiful love story between Nguyen Thi Hien, a Ha Thanh girl, and “prime god” Tilo Nadler.

The love of the jungle…

The love of the jungle has brought Tilo from far away Germany to and has been attached to Vietnam for 20 years in the primate protection program of the Frankfurt Zoological Society. Meet, come together and come together to the forest. During the working trips between the thousands, Tilo instilled in Hien his love for the forest. Their love came very naturally. Hien said: Every time she looks at Tilo taking care of the animals here, she feels his love for Cuc Phuong jungle and feels even more admiration and love for him.

Two people take care and cherish each tree, each worm in Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Forest love has bound the love of two people more firmly. Both of them gave up all their comfortable lives to come and stick with Cuc Phuong, devoting their whole lives to this land. Hien and Tilo have two boys. An idyllic and quiet small family is sheltered under a canopy of thousands.

The Primate Rescue Center in Cuc Phuong

The Primate Rescue Center in Cuc Phuong that Tilo and Hien contributed to building now has more than 150 individuals being raised and cared for, the first place in the world where primates successfully reproduce in captivity and is the largest primate center in Southeast Asia. Life in the wilds of Cuc Phuong near Tam Coc Ninh Binh still passed quietly with quiet people. Life here has changed a lot, but it is still consistent with the slow breathing of the giants. There, under the canopy of the old forest, there are continuation stories of the past and present of Muong villages, there are beautiful fairy tales about love for the forest and there, every day, nature still resonates. the songs of the mighty great

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