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The lyrics "Oh Sa Pa, Oh Sa Pa, Oh Sa Pa... Who's coming to Sapa Vietnam..." seems to be hiding behind the samu trees,

The lyrics “Oh Sa Pa, Oh Sa Pa, Oh Sa Pa… Who’s coming to Sapa Vietnam…” seems to be hiding behind the samu trees, behind the floating clouds, earnestly inviting you to come, come back. and feel about this land “where heaven and earth meet” “Oh Sa Pa, the place where heaven and earth meet, four seasons of fruit and a season where boys sing to their daughters, entangle many people, who comes to Sa Pa… “I like to speculate that Phung Chien seemed to be in a trance when composing ” Sapa Vietnam where heaven and earth meet”. And I think, anyone who has been to this land, like you, will find a reason to return or to be more burdened.

The name Sapa is derived from the Mandarin language. In Mandarin, the sound is SaPa or SaPá meaning “sand beach”, because in the days before the town of Sa Pa, there was only one sandy beach where people often held markets. From the two words “SaPa”, Westerners pronounce it as Sa Pa and they have translated those two words into French into “Cha Pa”. Later, this word was written uniformly as Sa Pa.

It’s no wonder that Sapa makes people so passionate. And, if tourists want and look forward to coming back here many times, for those who make art, discovering the hidden beauty of Sapa Vietnam is always the motivation to come here. Not only the lyrics, Sapa is also a place for people to hunt for the remaining moments with time. The art treasure of Sapa keeps filling up with each passing time. Year after year, month after month, people still love this place.

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